I am getting older and was a bit concerned regarding my long trip this summer (40 days, about 240 miles, most off trail). At least for me, it turned out that aches and pains were primarily a function of being out of shape, not age. First week was a killer. Two-advil nights! Feet hurt; first one knee then the other hurt; strained right ankle; limping then strained left ankle. Back hurt, shoulders hurt, cracked skin from using trekking poles. Muscle cramps. Then, after 2 weeks my body just started healing itself. It is amazing how much more agile you get living off the ground for 40 days. For the last half of the trip, I hardly took a pain killer, nothing hurt, and was in the swing of hopping rocks like a dancer. My very small sleeping pad was comfortable. Never got a blister. Never felt better. I did loose 10 pounds which I really cannot afford to lose. But my 93-year old Mom did her best to fatten me up the last few days. Mom finally agreed to get a walker - she is now doing a mile a day outdoors- fastest person in a walker at her retirement home. So, do not blame "age" for all ills. No matter what your age- just keep on moving!