I appreciate the Svea 123 loyalists. It's the stove my dad and I used when I first started to backpack. I miss it, but I do find iso butane much easier to cook on and manage, provided it isn't too cold.

I have found that the snow peak gigi-power iso butane stove works quite well for me. I made a windscreen which was influenced by something that ortik made... alas, it's no longer on their website and I don't have a picture handy.

That said, for solo trips I like uses esbits in a ULC Caldera Cone. 850ml MLD Pot, stove, windscreen is 4.5oz. Super easy to use, figuring out how much fuel is dead simple because I just could up the number of cooking meals and bring that many fuel cubes. Fuel cups are .5oz from which I get a 16oz boil for my main dish... blow it out, and have enough fuel left for a nice cup of tea.

For a 7 day trip where I cook just dinner, everything (fuel, utensils, windscreen, stove, etc) fits inside my 850ml pot. Fuel is 3.5oz.