I have a Primus Micron and have had no problems with it at a simmer setting. I've heard that the same is true with Snow Peak stoves. It helps to use some kind of a windscreen (being very careful not to overheat the canister!). The windscreen also keeps the canister warm (without overheating) on 20*F mornings.

I think the "4-oz." canister refers to the amount of fuel. The gross weight of a 4-oz. MSR Isopro canister is 8 oz. (MSR is kind enough to state both on the outside of the canister!) My Primus Micron stove weighs 2.5 oz. I can therefore go out for 6 days for a total weight (stove plus fuel) of 10.5 oz. I defy you to do that with a Whisperlite and metal fuel bottles!

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