So Im looking to find the best fuel/stove combo for backpacking. However they seem pretty much all the same. Right now I use a jet boil. it does ok however it doesn't like to throttle very well.

I've been looking at going back to white fuel or just getting a new type of stove that uses the same fuel cans as my jet boil.

I took a mathematical view of the fuel. I work in the energy field and spend a lot of time dealing with BTUs. My goal was to calculate how much water could a given amount of fuel heat to boiling 200*F (an average between sea level and high altitude) the temperature really doesn't matter so long as its the same in the calculation for both fuels.

I found that Isobutane-Propane contains roughly 21,500 BTU/lb and white fuel contains 19,000 BTU/lb. So being that Im using the 100g Propane bottles I came up with this as my final answer.

1x 100g Isobutane-Propane can (6.9oz total with the container about 2x the weight of the fuel) will heat an estimated 33 gallons of water from 55*F to 200*F

1x 100g of white gas will heat 29 gallons of water from 55*F to 200*F not much less but 11% less than the Isobutate-propane. (if some one could weight a one of the smallest fuel bottles full of fuel that would be awesome!

So with those numbers and relatively small difference. what do you thing is better. the quick click and fairly easy starting of the isobutane-propane or the undeniable reliability of the white gas...?? I really am on the fence. any input would help!