Well that's really interesting Perry. You've certainly convinced me that the amendments do work, and I need some in my garden too!

I guess that a mix of them might be best, at least that'd be worth a try too. I didn't really put much at all on my garden this year except some chicken and donkey manure and lime.

My cukes did awful this year, rabbits and crows got most of them, but bad as it was I did a lot better than most others here. My tomatoes are coming in now. I only planted 4 cherry tomatoes and one of some kind of heritage seed that produces a purplish fruit that's really tasty, but not the variety wasn't very productive. The cherry tomatoes are producing great, but the heat has been splitting them just about the time they start to ripen.

I'm looking forward to planting a fall garden soon. July has been so hot and dry that the garden has struggled all through it. The Farmer's Almanac says it's supposed to cool down and wet up this next month. August has been pretty cool the past couple years, so we'll see. I hope they're right...

I really want to thank you for keeping us posted on the progress and results of your experiment. It's been fun keeping up on it and I've learned a lot too, so, Thank You!!


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