The cucmbers have all dried up from the heat and the tomatoes aren't far behind. I also picked peas, picked an onion today and have more on the way, and have picked cayenne and Caribbean hot peppers.

(I am previewing this an the formattig just isn't working)
Tomato Control Azomite Ecomin Sea90
May 0 0 0 0
June 1 6 3 3
July 0 0 0 3

Total C=1, A=6, E=3, S=6

Cucumber Control, Azomite, Ecomin, Sea90
May 6 6 15 4
June 6 10 11 5
July 0 1 1 3

Total C=12, A=17, E=27, S=12

Wow, I don't really get all that much for my efforts! Still, I enjoy it.

I also put in a rain barrel with downspout diverter to collect rainwater for the potted tomato on the porch. I think future years for tomatoes I will stick to potted tomatoes on the porch as the heat seems to affect them less there. Might be the shade. I will use the garden space for peppers and onions and may try other stuff.

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