My tarp shelter is lighter and more comfortable than most hammocks I've tried. Im a terrestrial sleeper and I've never been able to get comfortable in a hammock. Some folks I hike with are the opposite. You'll still need a good pad and bag for hammocks though. I suggest not dropping a ton of cash until you really decide this is an activity you plan on doing for a while. Byer of Maine makes a good traveller hammock Traveller Lite Hammock. Its light and cheap. I keep one in my truck for random hammocking. You'll still need rope though. Get some 2-3 mil poly sheeting and make a tarp to keep you dry. If its warm, carry a wool or fleece blanket and get a $10 Walmart blue closed cell foam pad for insulation in your hammock. Thats a fairly light setup and really cheap. Buy new lightweight($$$) gear as you can afford it and keep hiking. My whole philosophy is this should be an activity to get you closer to nature and give you time to reflect and decompress from the everyday world. You dont have to break the bank. Do as many over nighters as you can and refine your skills. Be careful though, this can be addicting! grin
Climb the Mountains and get their good tidings...
-John Muir