If we stopped when it got hot we'd never make it anywhere haha. Great strategy on really hot days like 98/100 degs though. Down here it hits 90+ degrees with 100% humidity about early May and holds until late October on average. Good thing the Southern Apps have a ton of water flowing. I dig it because its like a jungle. It rains every other day and the plant and animal life is awesome.

RabbiTat...Definitely do some research before buying any gear and if possible test it out first. Backpacking can be a really enjoyable and inexpensive activity. I went several years with a old external frame pack, thick wool blanket and a 8x10 tarp. You dont necissarily need high dollar stuff but it makes it more enjoyable with high quality gear IMO. However, quality=$$$ in most cases. Take it step by step and strive to have fun and dont worry about the rest.
Climb the Mountains and get their good tidings...
-John Muir