Yep--I'll add my voice to those above.

1. That's a dang big pack for a few days in the back country. Don't feel the need to fill it up. My wife and I hike for more than week with packs that are only about 50-55 liters.

2. I own a Leatherman multi-tool, but have never taken it backpacking. Everything in my pack is sewn together, so why do I need the pliers, screwdriver, etc? I take a little mini-sewing kit from a hotel. It weighs a lot less, and can actually fix the stuff that needs fixing!

3. Alternate view: We've always used a Katadyn water filter pump. Works quickly and well, as long as you keep muddy water out of it. We've put about 600 miles on ours and it still works great. We've replaced the filter element twice, I think.

Stove? Don't need one for overnights. Just take ready to eat food and have fun!
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