Another method is to tuck your pant legs into your socks. Ticks do not immediately burrow in so as long as you check yourself often you can usually find them. Light colored clothing is a must so you can see the little buggers. And Phat is right- they really go for your private parts! Snug fitting underware may help. They also like to get into your hair so check your scalp regularly. We noticed that a few ticks actually fell out of trees as we stood under the canopy (it was a windy day). The ticks at Henry Coe are the very small black-gray ones- not the big flat red ones like they have in the Rockies.

I have had dozens of ticks on me and I just gentely pull them off. I have had several burrow in. Then you pull them out with tweezers or cut them out. So far no tick diseases- just a few hard itchy red bumps that last a month. If you are really worried, talk to your physician. When I had my teeth "deep cleaned" I took 4 pills 1 hour before the procedure. I think there is a similar thing to use to prevent lyme disease.