Hey Guys,

I usually hike in long pants so don't use gaiters. I plan on hiking the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island this year and if you have seen phat's pictures, there is deep mud.

Ok, the REI website on the REI Trail Gaiters for $34.50 at 18" and the OR Verglas gaiters for $54 at 16.75. (I am six foot tall and all leg). They also have the OR Croc gaiters for $75.00. Other than this hike, I probably will not use the gaiters much. I hear some of you guys wax eloquence (sp?) about the OR gaiters. (I get a 20% discount if I order before April 15th) Do you still think the OR gaiters are worth it under these circumstances (and which ones)? Thanks for your input, OldScout