Good stuff their wandering_daisy. Impressive how many traditional diets are complete protiens. I discovered recently oatmeal is very nearly complete, just a little low in lysine. Then when I was reading about conversion of protiens into glucose I read that lysine doesn't convert. I think this might mean if you eat some surplus protien, the lysine is spared in the conversion, so what is left might be complete protien. Does that make sense? Probably moot because you can only scarf back so much oats anyway, and you will still want to balance your diet for vitamins and minerals.

Lately I've been having my oats by sort of frying them in a pan, or my cook pot, with canola oil, and then adding stuff like almonds and sunflower seeds and dried blueberries and dried cranberries. Then adding some skim milk powder and water.

Sardines are also very good fried with oats in canola oil. I like canola oil with fish and oats versus olive oil because it seems to have more of a fishy nutty flavour. Also cheaper. Also experimented lately with oven drying sardines for hiking. Not sure how safe, but good for a week or two I should think, if dried enough. Debating whether to pack it in oats or canola oil or by itself. I use convection oven at 170F, but filleting the sardines open helps, and a little pre-broiling might help also. Work in progress.

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