A new Open Space/ Natural area opened up 3 yrs ago on the CO/ WY stateline that is a three way joint venture between the city of Ft. Collins and Cheyenne, and Larimer County,CO .

Contrary to the rest of the local Front Range trails open to MTB'rs that are normally highly technical and an EXTREMELY steep climb to get to the top; Soapstone is virtually non technical as well as featuring a modern trail grading that renders all the climbs ridable for a moderately fit rider.

What it lacks in MTB "challenges" it makes up for it in it's supreme solitude, wildlife, and vast trail network. The "short" loop is 25 mi long with ~ 3,500' of accumulated elevation gain (~1,400' actual TH to high point). The only way to get to the TH is on a deadend gravel road 35 mi from nowhere.

On 6 mid week trips there, I have only encountered 1 other rider, and 2 equestrians, no hikers at all.

On every ride, I usually loose track of the number of deer and antelope I see playing on the range.

Since the opening of the parks, "Climate Change" has been dumping huge amounts of late snows and rains on the area providing incredible wildflower blooms in late June.

There are a few drawbacks to the are that should be noted. There is NO Water provided, you must bring in your own. The soil in the lower areas is a very nasty clay that turns into a gummy tire stopping mess at the least bit of moisture. There is absolutely no shade anywhere and it's probably the most notoriously windy area around as evidenced by all the wind farms visible on the far horizons.

Here is the video slideshow in full widescreen 1080p if you so wish.

Want to see the Wind's ?