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I thought dryer lint was supposed to be soaked in paraffin (the kind used to seal jelly jars).

If you want to use it as a lots of heat sort of firestarter that you light with a match or lighter, sure. then it's just acting as a wick for the paraffin. At that point, carry a few birthday candles.

I don't use it as that, I use it as the thing to catch a spark from a ferrocium rod firestarter (i.e. a "light my fire"). It's ususally then the target in the middle of a "bird's nest" of dry grass, twigs, birchbark, etc.

I don't use it normally in the summer, I do in the winter (along with the striker) because I can make a fire in 20 below zero without taking my gloves off.. Can't do that with a bic lighter or matches. not enough dexterity.


As I remember from my years back east, birch bark is the perfect fire starter. Unfortunately, it doesn't grow out here.

We do have it here, although sporadically. so it really depends where you are as to whether or not you have it available.

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