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saw this article

and was thinking about making a jacket or a quilt using some loose wool. The only place i know of to get some loose wool at the moment is here. http://www.oregonshepherd.com/

does anyone know an easy way to figure out how much wool (in oz.) compared to how much down or synthetic it would take to get the same warmth rating?

Oregon Shepard gives out free samples. I would say, get the free sample, then make a small pouch to stuff it in. Your warmth rating will be based on the loft, and is probably comparable to loft of down. Then you weigh it and determine how much for a certain amount of loft. Another method would be to simulate the down rating test. I believe it uses a column of down with a weight.

edit: There is a chart on their site that give R value, thickness and weight together. A little math is all that is needed.

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