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If I were to be involved in a scam, one would hope that I would at least have made lots of money out of it by now.:)

Joanna, we're not thinking you're involved in a scam. Perry, I'm sure, was referring to the claims of other products he's been looking into.

Right now I have an open mind and will call it as I see it. I have nothing to sell, no sponsor to appease, no dog in the fight. EDIT: In all fairness I am not a soil scientist either. I am a chemist who also likes to garden.

If I didn't think there was the possibility of the whole concept having merit, I wouldn't be testing it.

I have seen scams before.
*Gas saving devices and additives
*politicians making claims
*supplements promising loss of fat.

I've also seen things that worked.
*A plate for defrosting items quickly (really worked! made of aluminum so allowed transfer of heat faster than setting frozen item on a plastic plate.)
*a non-hybrid car getting a real world 44mpg (my 1999 Metro)
*Airborne supplement helping ward off a cold

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