I think to get a true understanding of where we're coming from you have to think about the biological management of soil, which is a somewhat different approach to managing soils chemically.

As far as a scam, I have collected research from all over the world for 25 years and we have a research database that includes 65 studies. We are waiting for a volunteer designer to finish it off. We have very modest funding.

Biochar and remineralization together potentially could eventually create perpetually fertile soils, or at least we would like to find out if that's true and we are looking to put together a large research project for sequestering carbon. Bio char acts in a similar way to a coral reef in the ocean, creating the perfect habitat for microorganisms and nutrients.

If you want a more sophisticated protocol that involves using a Brix meter and biological soil testing from Logan labs, go to the website of the Real Food Campaign. They have trained 700 farmers how to grow nutrient dense food in the Northeast, and they are a project of Remineralize the Earth. Remineralize the Earth is focused on a more grassroots approach to get people remineralizing all over the world within the context of permaculture and other techniques. The Real Food Campaign uses a specific protocol based on the work of Dr. Arden Anderson, further developed and taught by Dan Kittredge.

I have volunteered for every 25 years. If I were to be involved in a scam, one would hope that I would at least have made lots of money out of it by now.:) I am an advocate, not a scientist, but I have been involved in research projects and about 6 papers have been published with my name on them.

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Remineralize the Earth