Actually, except for compost at the beginning of each season and a modest amount (I'm cheap) of MiracleGro, I haven't done much of anything. No fertilizers, no pesticides. Well, I did make some pesticide by blending a few habanero peppers and spraying it on the plants once.

The issue with remineralization, as I understand it and I may have an incomplete or even incorrect understanding, is that the trace minerals that are not normally tested for are the issue. It's not without some logic, but most scams have elements of truth to them. That's what makes people fall for them. I'm not saying this is a scam though.

Purchasing a few products to try out didnít blow my budget and I canít see it hurting the soil. I will take sample of each product into the lab and test them as I am able to satisfy my own curiosity of what is in them. I can use the instruments to run stuff alongside work samples as it costs almost nothing to do so, but setting up instruments solely for my own interest is sometimes frowned upon as there is some expense in getting things running.

In any case, Iíll record what I do both in writing and with photographs and then Iíll know what is useful and what isnít.