From your website, I see it does include lime...

Well, I can attest to that working here. In fact, I quit adding as much lime to my lawn because it was growing like mad.

I do add it to the garden though, and I've been told that you really can't add too much. And, I've been told that it helps with pretty much exactly what Joanna says it does. It's said to aid in breaking down the leaves, twigs, and lawn thatch so the worms and other organisms can get at it.

I haven't ever tried dusting for pests with it, but I can't see how it'd hurt anything so I will give it a shot this year and see if it helps.

I can see where different types of rock dust could add unique trace minerals and possibly other unique benefits. It makes sense that you might create a custom blend with them to enrich different types of soil.

Cool web site Joanna, thanks for sharing this with us!


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