"Next step; into some stores to try some on."

Take care not to be disheartened if you don't find anything suitable in a local shoestore or outfitter. I tend to not have a lot of luck unless the selection and range of brands is quite large.

What I've been hiking in of late is Asic brand trail runners in 4E width, Gel Kahana model --- FWIW.

My recollection is that some online shoe stores have a pretty good/easy return policy so a person could try out a pair of shoes (just in your living room, I think it you hit pavement you've bought 'em ?). Try zappos.com as at least one example. Even if you don't buy at zappos, I like the different photos/views they offer of the shoes, so you can get a really clear look at how the toebox is shaped (both from above and below, look at both). Over time I've developed a fairly good sense just from these views of how well the shoe is likely to work for me.

Then after she's walked a good number of miles in a pair, if they seem to work well for her I suggest going back and buying another pair or two now, as shoe manufacturers seem to tweak and change their models often.
Brian Lewis