My last trip in the smokies first week of april last year i learned a lesson. I saw posted earlier dont wait to make camp to find tinder. I did have some dryer lint in a ziplock. Guess what it wouldnt light? Was raining and snowing after a tough night of severe storms hail and rain. Turned to snow bye morning. we hiked higher all day in consistant snow. On way up in afternoon around 4000 feet it was sunny and breezy for a hour or two. During this time i started grabing small handfulls of dry lichens off the side of trees! I stuffed them in my pocket. Guess what at camp later in wind and cold and 6 inches of new snow on the ground! Lichens not lint started our kindling to a nice warming fire! Yes we had to resort to using a bit of my sons stove alcohol, but for some reason alcohol and lint wouldnt light? Lichens and alcohol did. Rest of trip we grabbed dry lichens wenever we could find them and stuffed in a dry pocket! I would have been fine without a fire that night, but it sure makes ya feel more secure in inclement weather! Attitude helps at tough times. Happy Trails

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