I've been reading about soil remineraliztion lately and have decided to try 3 different products, each one in a different section of my small garden. As luck would have it, my garden is divided into 3 sections with railroad ties.

Azomite (67 Trace Minerals)

SEA-90 by SeaAgri (90 trace minerals)

ECO-MIN (over 70 trace minerals)

Each product makes similar claims and has similar testimonials about why theirs is best. The first one is the least expensive and is conveniently ordered on Amazon.com. I really need another garden section to be free of any soil amendments but this is not my situation yet. Maybe if I get motivated before planting season, March or so, I can set it up. On the other hand, my garden didn't do so well last year so any good results will be credited to the amendments.

Has anyone tried anything like this or know anything about soil remineralization?