Patty wears the Keen Targhee II's. They are a mid lighweight hiking boot. Interestingly, the earlier model seemed to cause less problems for her although she says she likes these. It's kind of a "which came first question; the chicken or the egg" problem. Did the new model, which fit just a little differently than the older more comfortable one, help exacerbate the bunion on her big toe or was it just time for it to grow? Personally, I suspect the newer model of the boot.

She has seen a number of podiatrist's over the years (we have two plaster casts of her feet stashed in the closet)and we have orthodics that seem to work. But you all got me to thinking more about her footwear. A few years back we were very involved in the 3 day 60 mile walk's for breast cancer which she trained for and did quite well with. First thing is that she wore those walking tennis shoes. Secondly, the toe socks. Not a single blister or sore spot on her feet after either event.

Maybe trail runners might be the ticket. The Dolomites are pretty rugged, but that is what these things are designed for right?

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