That's good training! If you can make a fire in uncomfortable yucky conditions, you can make one anywhere.

What I do:
No dryer might not be cotton. Instead I melt paraffin, wad up paper towels as tightly as possible, dip/saturate, let dry with one corner protruding as a wick. One match will light a "fire bunny" and they burn for 10 minutes. I keep 2-3 of these in my kit. Esbit tabs work well too. I don't mess with firesteels and such. Book matches are normally what I use these days.
There are no conifers here. I start gathering tiny dried out/crunchy brier, toothpick size dead sticks, cedar bark, cedar heartwood, before making it to camp. Split small sticks for dry 'heartwood', or whittle down to the heartwood and make fine shavings. Once you get a BIG rats nest made, about the size of a soccer ball, then damp twigs and sticks will catch. That fire bunny will give you plenty of time to spot and correct problems.
Some people carry an auto flare. Those things will light wet wood if you start with sticks. I've also used little squares of bicycle innertube as fire starters.

Knowing how to light an emergency fire without starting aids is a great skill that should be learned. But, its quicker and safer to carry an aid of some kind.
paul, texas KD5IVP