"I mentioned the shuttle bus--a system that will take you to Glacier Point and back from the Valley"

Please provide the exact name of this shuttle service and the contact information. I have not seen a "shuttle" on the Park web site that drives from the Valley up to GP? I've only seen the tour bus service. Thanks

I called Yosemite yesterday, due to no snow they are kind of open in the Valley. I asked about the shuttle, according to the park employee I talked to the shuttle does not go to Glacier Point. The only service up to there is the "Tour" bus that leaves from Yosemite lodge. I called the tour bus info line. Here's another bit of info, the tour bus does not stop at the Mono Meadows trailhead. It goes from the valley up to Glacier Point only. Another gal on the phone said I might be able to ask them a "favor" of stopping near the Mono Meadows trail as a curtesy. That sounds ify at best. I'm saying this to clarify what is fact not speculation which can ruin plans. Some think the "shuttle" goes everywhere. No, it only drives around Yosemite Valley. The only other option is to thumb a ride, not a good idea IMO. Now if you are aware of another service that picks up in the Valley and makes stops at the Mono Meadows trailhead please let me know. Thanks

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