I'm 55, I have backpacked before. My trouble is my wife and son are not into it. My son is special needs and last Summer after months of planning he tired out way too soon and kept tripping and falling in Yosemite. We turned back only 1 1/2 miles out on the trail, the trip was over, not really his fault and I did not want him to get hurt worse. I'm looking for someone to go with my age. I am in decent shape just not a runner. I would like to return to Yosemite but I don't know which trails to do and I really don't want to do a 4 day week long trip. I'm looking for a one or two night weekend trip at first. There is a Sierra club guy here where I work but he is planning a 28 mile trip on the John Muir trail 3-4 days. I'd like to do a shorter weekend trip. I live in Lincoln above Sacramento. I was thinking of contacting the local REI but they want too much $$ just to go on a trip. I'd rather find some others my age and go along. I'm not a stranger to packing it. I've done Desolation, Trinity and some Sierras. I used to go solo because it was hard to find people with time off. But as I'm older now going solo is not a good idea, but if I have to I'll do that. I'd really like to do a Yosemite trip (on my bucket list). I have all new gear and I'm willing to share that and my experience with backpacking. I'm an old Army sergeant but I'm easy going not a drill instructor. Just used to hiking. Thanks