OK ... I didn't realize sleeping bags came in sizes. The sleeping bags we have say Slumberjack 15 on the outside and are mummy in design. I don't know how long they are, but I suspect 6 feet. At 5'4" and being slender, I had plenty of room, even to bend up one leg and sort of sleep half on my side, half on my stomach with the bag fully zipped. I don't move much in my sleep either. Bag is fine for me. My 6' 16yo son, however, was too long for the same-size bag and couldn't get it zipped over his shoulders. He got cold at night because his arms and shoulders were out of the bag, and he couldn't take advantage of the "mummy" configuration around his head. T rolls a lot in his sleep, too. Do bags come in length and breadth sizes? T is average in breadth -- not skinny and not heavily muscled or fat. Is a mummy bag even a good choice for an active sleeper?