Newer hikers may not be familiar with Shoo Goo

When I get a good new pair of shoes/boots, I want them to last a long time. As soon as they start to show a little wear on the soles, I put a thin layer of Shoe Goo on the wear spots and renew it as needed. Before applying it, make sure the sole is clean and dry. Multiple thin layers are better than a thick layer according to the manufacturer. For a larger area, glop it on thickly in the middle of the area and spread with an ice cube.

For little splittings in the seams, Shoe Goo applied early can keep them from splitting further. One trick I learned is to glob it on a bit thickly and then smooth it with an ice cube. It doesn't stick to the ice and you can spread it evenly around and into the seam so it holds better.

Allow 24 hours to dry.