Sorry, I didn't see your post while I was typing mine. blush It's not that the poles are too long but the pack compartment is too short! laugh Most of us use packs in which the main section is a single full-length pack bag (usually about 24" long) rather than divided. This is partly for lighter weight and (at least for me) mostly that a single compartment pack allows a lot more versatility in getting everything inside.

Since Tom has looked at your pack, I'd go with his recommendation! You might want to try set up a routine of fastening on the poles before you put your tent in the pack, which will help prevent leaving the poles behind (tents are a lot more visible than poles).

Question--What about horizontally? Quite a few people like to carry their tents (with tent and poles together in their stuff sack) sideways across the top, under the pack lid (if the pack has one--this method won't work well if it doesn't).

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