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Years ago I bought an alcohol stove made by Campsafe and it was a waste of money. Just last week, a freind of mine was raving about the one he made and said I should make one. "Just google it," he said.

That's when I found out how many designs there are out there. I made a "penny stove" out of soda cans, but it would only bring the water to a simmer. My freind then told me that his stove was made out of aluminum beer bottles and it bring water to a rolling boil.

So now I'm going to make that one and the collection begins.

A collection is how it begins. It soon may turn into an addiction!

An easy to make/use stove which I have used in sub-zero F conditions is this:



or to just buy it: http://www.woodgaz-stove.com/fancee-feest.php