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There is one aspect of stove use we haven't considered - legality. In most areas, there are conditions where public access is allowed, but "open campfires" are banned (typically due to dry, fire prone conditions). As I understand it, only stoves with a valve which can shut off the fuel supply to the stove are permissible under these conditions. This bans all or nearly all alcohol stoves, leading one to the choice of canister or liquid. Of course, when conditions are getting that dry, perhaps no fire at all is the best course.

You will probably end up with more than one stove. Resistance is futile.

I have heard the interpretation of "open campfire" just as you describe, but only on internet forums. I have never come across this "definition" used by anyone in authority or written by any agency etc... Perhaps this is a geographical definition. In NY and just about everywhere else I have been on the East coast, open campfire bans are specific to wood and have nothing to do with whether the stove has a shut off valve.

I agree he will likely end up with multiple stoves.