Mark, here is an update on the weather here in SE AZ as of Dec. 6, 2011. We have had a series of storms move through the area that have left snow at elevations above about 4500'. Right now it is cold; low temp last night at my place (3200') was about 26F and was about 20F at a friends place in the Whetstone Mountains (4500'). There is a gradual warming trend projected and daytime temperatures at Tucson International Airport are projected to be about 65 and nights around 33 at the time you will be arriving. I don't think that too much snow will be melting off above 6000' but it should be consolidating some in the daytime. Your two worst passages should be: over the Rincon Mountains, Manning Camp is at 8000'; and over the Santa Catalina Mountains, Summerhaven and the upper part of Oracle Ridge are also about 8000'. But, unless we get another storm soon you should have cool days and chilly nights for your hike. You should arrive here prepared for route finding and some icy and snow-covered stretches of trail. And, BTW, bring your long-johns smile .
May I walk in beauty.