Your options are almost unlimited with a dehydrator. A few things are better freeze-dried: peas (which remain the consistency of shotgun pellets after rehydration, even prolonged cooking) and some meats, especially chicken (which, unless you use pressure-cooked or canned chicken, turns into chicken jerky).

This site has lots of recipes and ideas. Also check the "Lite Food Talk" section on this forum. I'm really into "Freezer Bag 'cooking,'" in which you boil water and pour it into your food in the freezer bag it's carried in, using a cozy to keep it warm. Just eat out of the plastic bag, lick and then rinse your spoon--no dishes to wash!

Be sure to try out your meals/experiments at home, first! If they don't taste good at home, they probably won't taste good on the trail, either! You might prevent a disaster such as I had with the dried peas aka shotgun pellets!

Also, label well. My grandchildren still won't let me forget the trip two years ago when (half asleep while preparing breakfast) I mistook chocolate pudding mix for cocoa mix!

Your mom will, of course, greatly appreciate your cleaning up the kitchen after your cooking and dehydrating efforts!

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