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Great advice. Anybody recommend a good 4 season shelter?

Depending where you are, you may not need one..

If your plan is to winter camp somehwere exposed, with wind and howling blizzard, you might.

If you're in someplace like the sierras or BC where you can get 2-3 feet of wet heavy snow in a night - yes.

However, if you're midwest, where it's cold as heck, but you don't get huge wet snow dumps, you might not.

Where I am (alberta) we get plenty cold, but the snow load is usually dry fluffy stuff, and actually not that terribly much. I've done quite well with a "three season" tent midwinter. it's not like the tent keeps you warm anyway.

I'm just as likely to be out in winter in a golite hex, as my "real" four season tents (black diamond). even the black diamond is on the lighter end of anything four seasonesque. but it is important to remember when I say that that most of my trips I'm not going to see large snow load. It would be different if I were in Coastal BC or Washington or the like.
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