Hi Everyone

I am new to this forum and backpacking as well. I've actually never even gone backpacking before but I will soon have soon enough. I am 17 years old (male) and as a graduation gift from high school, I asked my parents to be able to go backpacking by myself for at least a month in a state of my choice. I was allowed by my parents to go and my father will be financing the trip.

I have the rest of my senior year to get everything for the trip in order (while I continue on with collegiate matters as well). I have been doing a ton of research for the trip but there's no substitute for learning directly from communicating with others. So needless to say I've much to ask and learn.

I decided to go to Oregon for my backpacking trip. It looks beautiful there (I only have pictures to go off of) and its topography fits the general description of what I was looking to see, mountains and the ocean.

Anyway, thatís it for my introduction and Iíll be starting different threads for specific questions or topics that I have. But if you have any input on anything, Iíd love to hear.

Forgot to mention, I live in South Florida, Ft Lauderdale, anyone else live near my neck of the woods?

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