Depends on what you want-how big, how strong, how expensive. Once you narrow that down, you'll still have plenty of choices. My tent is an out of production EMS tent, so no personal recommendations. I did spend a couple of days in Jim Shaw's TNF MTN 24. That tent was in production for years and was replaced by the MTN 25.

There are a lot of other tents. Henry Shires makes a couple of lightweight winter tents, but I know nothing about them other than seeing pictures. I think Franco has seen them first hand.

Just by reputation, Hilleberg is top of the line, I saw some posts with some pics while searching around. There may be pictures of my tent on here too, if my old trip reports are still up.

Here's a shot of it with the vestibule folded back. Folded out, the vestibule looks like half of a cone cut down the center, as in the other picture.

I think I took this one while I was either just setting up or packing to leave, which is why everything is strewn around.

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