Hey you all forgot the fun part and the good exercise part grin . But I agree with you both that basic rock craft and mountaineering skills should be a priority for anybody who is spending time in the mountains. A lot of the rock craft can be done very safely top roping while doing bouldering problems. Heck, the easier ones are good to do "laps" on to build endurance. I know I'm not going to be the next climbing legend or the next sad headline, I just want to have some fun exploring (while keeping my cholesterol and mild hypertension in check through vigorous exercise as opposed to pills).

So...hat's off to those 2 brits! Those guys seem to spend more time upside down than right side up. They did Century Crack twice! Once with pre-placed gear, and a second time traditionally (as some gave them grief about the pre-placed gear although no one had completed the route traditionally up until they did). I think they did the thing right.

And Bill, you DID inspire me to finish my "application to date my daughter". wink

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