Well, the reality of it is this. If it snows, it snows. I'll be there either way. So, the thing to do is plan for how to get through it. I am sure I will encounter snow, and it very well may be over what would be easiest. I'm not worried about that. My question is what can I pack/plan/prepare myself to over come this obstacle.

Here is my clothing system currently.

Upper Body
Patagonia Capeline 2-Base Layer
North Face down Jacket-I do not have a link for this one. It is the liner of my snowboarding jacket. This will be my mid layer.
Atom LT- Outer Layer
REI Ultra Light Rain Jacket- Rain Jacket/Wind layer

Lower Body
Basic synthetic underwear(Breifs)-Base layer
Patagonia Capeline 3-Mid Layer
REI Sahara-Outer Layer for warm days/lower elevations
Soft Shell Snowboarding pants-Don't have link. Will use these for tramping through snow.

Regular wool socks-Warm/cool days
Snow Socks- Snow Tramping
Mammut Mt.Cascade GTX boot-Great 3-season boot

Outdoor Research Peruvian fleece hat-Liked it because of the ear flaps.
Marmot Exum work glove- Best blend between warmth and dexterity
SmartWool Neck Gaiter(Baclava)- Name speaks for itself.

I believe with this clothing system I will be able to make it through the colder sections of the trail. If you've got any thoughts on how to improve this system, I would love the hear them!

Hopefully, I'll have my itinerary up by tomorrow evening. Keep an eye out!
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