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Yesterday I saw a video of a large grizzly, ie over 500 pounds, that walked into a fish camp in Alaska after a bunch of salmon were put out on the bank. The bear was obviously interested in the fish. Several people came out with a Schnauzer and some 15 pound mutt. The two little dogs chased the large bear out of the camp at a run.

I've also seen videos of grizzlys happily eating out of people's hands without harming them.

I've also seen videos of grizzlys running away from kids and cats.

Doesn't make it a good idea.

I've met grizzlys *lots* when hiking. I'm not afraid of them. but I respect them and give them space.

A dog in grizzly country is a liability. Sorry. I love my dog, I won't take him there. It'll just up the chances that the bear, and me, and my dog, end up hurt in an encounter. Sure, the bear might run away, or the bear might stand his ground. and then the dog going after the bear turns a relatively safe situation very dangerous.

Black bears that get hunted with dogs, possibly a different story - with a good big dog. I still would not take a dog into an area with lots of bears.

if I were *hunting* bear, totally different story. if I were carrying a gun with the intention of shooting a bear, totally different story. I'm not doing that while hiking. so, no bear liability dog for me.
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