Hello all, very happy to have ran into the forums while browsing. Didnt really know what thread to put this in so i posted it in the General thread. My name is Tom im 28yo, from West Chester, PA. Currently live in Wilmington, DE with my girlfriend. Decided to come on the forums and see if i can meet some people and make some new friends in the area.

As some of you know when you get older some/most/all of your friends kind of go and do there own thing and you lose touch with people. Well thats the position I have been in for awhile. All my friends have different interests now and for the most part we all went are own way. I was wondering if anyone is in the West Chester,PA/Wilmington,DE area or close by (i frequent both) that would be up for having me and possibly my girlfriend (She has lower back issue's so she might not be able to come all the time) join them on some hiking/camping trips, Or just up for any good time really.

I remember as a kid me and my dad would go camping and hiking a lot and i really enjoyed it, so i wanted to get back into it and do something i enjoyed. Started putting together my gear, recieved my Eberlestock Gunslinger II pack along with my Marmot 2-person tent. Havent had an opportunity to test out the tent but i did a few 6+ mile hike's with the pack at Ridley State park and wow it is great so far.

Little bit about myself, as i mentioned i am 28yo, hobbies include firearms, muscle cars, computers/technology...little bit of everything, really, as long as its interesting smile. Grew up in newtown square, moved to West Chester when i was about 1-2 years old. Done everything from the Police Academy to Corrections, have many interesting stories lol. Would love to meet some nice people, well everyone have a good one and thanks for reading my post