Hey all,

I had planned to travel to Ireland this December for 27 days to explore the country as well as some backcountry trekking. Due to recent financial complications, this trip is no longer feasible.

I am now thinking of thru-hiking the John Muir trail. Wanted to see what the feasibility of this trip is in the winter time. I have been reading a great deal of literature regarding the trail, but wanted to get some opinions from the forum.

A few questions I have are...

1. Will I need full mountaineering gear for the mountains on the trail(Ice Axe, snowshoes, Crampons)?

2. Along with that, do I need mountaineering experience for the summits(only one reaches above 14,000. Most are at or below 12,000)?

3. Is it possible to do this trip in 27 days in the winter time(Including travel time out there)?

I have more questions, but those will be the real determinants of whether I am able to do the trip or not. Dates of travel are December 11th, 2011- January 7th, 2012.

Thanks for your time.

All the best,

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