I've been looking online and scrounging thrift stores for a smaller, lighter, cookpot the past month or so that was also cheap blush

I almost ordered a 1qt grease pot online, but I found one in a store and it was really quite a bit bigger than I wanted, so I'm glad I didn't.

I finally found one today that I think should work perfect. It's a very small, old aluminum coffee pot. I took out the basket for the grounds and the replaced the glass perk bulb on the lid with a cork.

I had to pay $8 for it because I actually found it in an antique store and the owner was pretty proud of it, but that's still not too bad, and it will save me both the space and weight I was hoping for.

Should work perfect with the SuperCat stove, and if the handle melts I'll remove it too and fashion one out of some welding rod laugh


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