Think back.

Does anyone remember a few years ago when we had on this forum a heated discussion about loft and it keeping us warm in a sleeping bag (or in a coat for that matter)? Everyone joined in the bantering over it's worth, thickness and how it was measured. It became so heated that two posters literally crawled out of their WM bags and verbally sparred in their boxer shorts.

I couldn't find the topic in a search -- it's too old I guess -- but it all came back to me, as it should you, while viewing this new (out on 11/2/11) Old Navy commercial:

The Trivialization of Loft

In those few seconds, Madison Avenue has dismissed our faith in loft, its thickness and its effectiveness, all in the name of a fashion trend and to simply make a buck. A real down downer for me.

I'm feeling like George in an old Sienfeld rerun.

And we can no longer talk at length (or height for that matter) about the loft of our WM, BA or SD bags; it's puff now.

- kevon

(avatar: raptor, Lake Dillon)