I have been backpacking and camping for decades. I have a friend who I enjoy traveling with, but until recently she has never even camped out and has never done more than a decent length day hike, never mind backpacking. Now she is making noises about accompanying me on a very difficult three week trip that I have dreamed about doing for years. It involves serious mileage, altitude and isolation. Except for a keen willingness and desire, she is in no way prepared or qualified to go.

I am looking for suggestions to get her started, and for getting her up to speed in a short time frame (a year or so.) I am looking for suggestions to fast-track someone from T-ball to the Major Leagues.

To complicate matters, we live several time zones apart, so she's going to have to do most of this on her own. Any suggestions?

Oh, yeah... I am new to this board. If this Q belongs somewhere else, please tell me how to get it there. thanks.

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