I empathize with all those who are struggling with spinal maladies. Do not allow yourselves to get depressed or give up.

After tangling with a hornet's nest I got bucked off a large mule in 2007, I just missed a rock pile and landed on my neck. Neurapathy and tingling in the guts and extremeties for a year and a half. I agree with physical therapy, traction, weight training, and general fitness as the best remedy. I feel blessed not to be in a wheel chair, and can only thank my middle school gymnatics training for making it out of that wreck in one piece. Subsequent to that experience I broke my femur in 3 places after tangling with a mountain lion. I gave up equines and have returned to backpacking now with some bionic parts. The first year was bleak. After 2 years walking in the woods was okay if not too steep. After 4 years I close tto normal for age 61.