L.L. Bean has some great prices on down vests and jackets, but it'll still set you back $40-80.

DIY alcohol stoves, Cheap aluminum pots (I just picked up a 3oz coffee maker for $5 and a 5 oz 1 liter pot for $3) all are good cheap ways to get in the door. A simple $10 8x10 blue tarp will do for most situations and can even double for a backpack (check "yukon pack" on google).

Most people could handle a cheap walmart sleeping bag. They just had the alps 20 degree synthetic on steep and cheap for less than $50.

If you craigslist or garage sale you can pick up an external frame for under $10. I plan to keep a few around for friends who don't have that sort of gear.
Without a doubt, the hardest thing of all in a survival situation is to cook without the benefit of seasonings and flavourings. - Ray Mears