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I can really relax when out with capable companions; when otherwise, I need to be more vigilant and careful, taking more responsibility for the group. I think this is some of what the OP was addressing.

I hike with people who understand that I take no responsibility for them.

That's so much easier for me - I'll happily help them learn navigation skills or how to use their GPS, but I'm not doing all the work. Because if a rock falls on my head they need to be able to do some of that stuff. Twice now, I've run into groups on the trail looking for "the guy with the map" who got separated - one, pay attention and don't get separated from the group, and two, don't have just one person carrying critical gear.

On the newbie type trips I try to get multiple experienced people to go with us and "socialize" the newbies into learning the things they flat refuse to take in or go to REI classes to learn.
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