I didn't get to put that other coat of silicone on it before my cousin came up from Florida for out trip. We found a good level spot, and it was perfectly fine on that trip. I have been very busy ever since with work (our cabinet shop is booked up till into January now), so I haven't got around to doing it since. As long as you have a reasonably flat spot, its not really a problem though. Thanks for the compliments on the tent to all that have commented on it.

When RHodo suggested using the two poles in the front, I thought of the rainshadow 2, but couldn't remember the name of it. Personally I dont know that I would be comfortable trying to make something with a regular curved tent pole like that though. It seems it would take alot more precision to properly take the tension of the pole. Even if you need to stick with only two trekking poles for the front, I would consider doing short vertical tent poles in the back similar to the designs that only use trekking poles. It seems like all the DIY designs stick with straight poles, and I figured the reason for that is them being more difficult to work with. I've never dealt with using a bent pole like that though, so it may not be as hard to work with as I'm thinking. Someone else here may have some experience with it that could chime in.