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I just looked up the Eureka Spitfire 1 on their website: "Minimum weight" is 2 pounds, 12 oz. (44 oz.).
If you (OP) can find the discontinued Eureka Spitfire Ultralight it is worth considering. It is a discontinued model and though it listed higher, I got mine for $99 (I wish I had bought more than one).

With lightweight pegs and the lightest possible plastic film groundsheet (or none) and a lightweight sack (pack the poles separately), this can come in at 2 pounds 8 ounces total. While not lightweight by today's standards, this is at the low end of the mid-weights.

I like it very much (though I almost always go much lighter). It pitches quickly and easily, it is reasonably roomy for one and has some vestibule storage.

It does have a few idiosyncrasies that kept it from selling well.

The pegs/lines have to be fine-tuned carefully to keep the relatively shallow bathtub floor sides high enough to avoid ground water flow and rain splash. You do this adjustment at the end, with all your gear under cover and no rush.

The foot struts push on the fly fabric with no reinforcement, so there can be wear and tearing if the fly flaps (which it will in even moderate wind, another issue). You can do your own reinforcement or I have been told if you talk to Eureka they will arrange at no charge for you to send it to them to have reinforcement patches installed.

The tent has design defects and really does not pitch taught, no matter what you do. So you do get flapping in the wind.

But all things considered this is a great value tent, a full tent/fly for those who want to go somewhat light but are not yet ready to go with one of the tarp/tent hybrid lighter setups.