Glenn/balzacom/Jim/James/Gram Cracker

This is what I came up with:

- I can save 5lbs on a pack for about $200
- I may be able to save a 1/4lb on a Foam pad for $10, but I better bring the scale.
- Still working the first aid kit. At least 7 ounces of savings there if I'm smart. I let some stuff creep into the bag, and the bag itself is heavy...
- I can save .5 ounces if I don't care about declination on my compass (free)
- I can save a pound on the tent (solo) for about $200 (Sublite Sil instead of the Rainshadow 2)
- I can save 3.75lbs by leaving the MSR Dragonfly at home and taking a Supercat stove (almost free)
- I can save 4oz for $40 by buying 2 2L Platypus bottles and leaving the MSR Dromedary 4L behind.
- I can save 11.5 ounces by only carrying my small pot (free)
- I can save about 18 ounces for about $50 by carrying only one pot and buying a Ti pot to replace my small pot.

So I see a path to getting to a 19-20lb base weight, with further savings possible as gear wears out.

The questions are:

1) Do I buy a replacement pack before or after the second tent?
2) If I'm the clan Sherpa for the next 10 years, is the pack something I just deal with (or, at least, if I'm not getting a lot of solo trips, something that I adjust assuming I'm still the Sherpa)?
3) At what temp does an alcohol stove stop being a viable alternative?
4) Can I support cooking for 4-5 people on a Pocket Rocket (or similar) stove?

I don't claim that all of these are answerable questions... but your opinions would be enlightening.